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Case Study: Transforming an App Development Agency

The Precipice: An Agency in Disarray

Navigating the turbulent waters of the app development industry, one agency found itself on the brink of disaster. Despite having a talented pool of developers and designers, the agency was plagued by chronic client delivery failures. Projects were habitually late, running over budget and customer relationships were strained. There were various opinions as to the causes of these problems, but one thing that everyone recognised was a deep schism between the Sales and Delivery teams. The Chief Commercial Officer felt that delivery teams were failing to manage project scope effectively, but the Chief Technology Officer took the view that projects were doomed from the outset due to overselling.


Our business was going like a rocket, but not in the direction we'd in mind. We knew something was wrong, but it took Samepage's external perspective and experience to spot the problems.



The Turning Point

Desperate for course correction, the agency brought in Samepage. Known for their tactical acumen in aligning executive leadership with product management, Samepage proposed a radical transformation—shifting from a project-based approach to a collaborative product development model.


Our situation looked like it needed drastic change, and Samepage certainly brought that. However they didn't throw the baby out with the bathwater - they could see that we had a lot of talent and motivation. It was a series of simple but sometimes challenging changes to how we did things, following a roadmap towards a clear vision of a product-based delivery model.



Redefining Project Delivery

The Samepage team initiated a comprehensive diagnostic phase, poring over the agency's workflows, departmental dynamics, and client engagements. Based on these findings, they embedded a product manager at every stage of the client relationship—from pre-sales to delivery.

This change was revolutionary. It ensured that commitments made during the sales phase were focused on achievable outcomes rather than vague, pre-specified outputs. Risk assessments became more accurate, and estimates stopped being optimistic guesses.


The introduction of a product manager into the workflow created a throughline that we were sorely missing. It provided a consistent anchor point throughout our delivery process. It ended all of the finger-pointing.



Takeaway: The Power of Strategic Alignment

The profound turnaround experienced by the agency underscores the indispensable value of strategic alignment in today’s hyper-competitive landscape. While technology and talent are crucial, they must be orchestrated with precision—a service at which Samepage excels.

For companies teetering on the edge of viability or simply seeking to optimize their operational effectiveness, this case serves as compelling evidence of the transformative power that strategic alignment can unleash. With Samepage at the helm, the pathway from chaos to clarity appears not just possible but highly probable.

A Quantum Leap in Performance

The outcomes were nothing short of remarkable:

  • Operational Efficiency: For the first time in its history, the agency saw all its projects being delivered on time and within budget.
  • Client Portfolio: The shift in approach led to engagements with high-value, prestige clients, marking a significant upturn in the agency's market reputation.
  • Industry Acclaim: The agency went from being a struggling player to being rated as the world’s number one app development agency on the ratings site Clutch.

Reflections and Future Outlook

The transformation brought about by Samepage’s intervention was not merely operational but cultural. It altered the DNA of the agency, turning it into a cohesive, strategically aligned organization.


We stopped trying to work out who was underperforming or where the bottlenecks were, and instead came to realise that it was the whole operating model that needed to be better integrated. That was a seismic shift, and we've never looked back.



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