Strategy, executed

70% of transformations fail due to misalignment between leadership and execution. We're not just another management consultancy: our framework closes the strategy gap using best practice for product and productized service businesses.

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The product business is hard

We know, because we have many years of experience with product businesses at all scales. You have to place bets on what your customers will buy, and what you can deliver. You have to compete on quality whilst keeping costs down. It’s a balancing act, and we can help.

Herding cats

“Our company strategy is waffle” is one of the most frequent complaints from delivery teams. We close the strategy gap using our proven framework.

Too much to do

Companies with focus outperform those that try to do too many things at once. We demystify prioritization to get your teams pushing in the same direction.

Always late

Creating and delivering innovation to your customers requires motivation and capability. We give your delivery rocket boosters.

Why is it like this?

The Samepage Action Framework

We bring deep expertise in all areas of the product business, baked into the Samepage Action Framework for product success. It's designed to be customised for you.

Discover your powers

Discover your powers

Leverage the creativity and ingenuity of your engineers, designers and creatives. Stimulate innovation to create strategic advantage.

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Hone your proposition

Identify what is your core capability, what you do best and that your market most needs. Concentrate your investment on what makes the most impact.

Find your "Wow!"

Find your "Wow!"

It's great that you can deliver reliably and efficiently, but you also need to differentiate. Find out what can set you apart in the market.

Discover your fans

Discover your fans

Using forensic techniques we will find out who is using your products, and why they choose them. You might be surprised!

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There's no silver bullet, but there are lessons learned.

We recognise many of the issues you face, and we bring you solutions from hundreds of other companies that learned the hard way.

We also know that every organisation is made up of unique people, facing unique challenges. We don't take a one-size-fits-all, dogmatic approach, but adapt to what works for you.

What our customers have to say:

hedgehog lab logo

Samepage is that rare thing - someone that can blend business & technology perfectly and can cut through the noise. They're super passionate about both subjects and it's evident in the fact that they give 100% to everything they do.


Sarat Pediredla, CEO & Co-founder, hedgehog lab

Product Focus Logo

As European leaders in product management training and consultancy we’ve worked with numerous consultants over the past 15 years. Samepage has some of the most able and experienced consultants we have ever worked with. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them for any consulting that requires deep thinking, practical recommendations and excellent communications skills.


Ian Lunn, Founding Director, Product Focus

Curious? Let's have a chat

We love hearing about the varying experiences of businesses in different industries, at different stages of growth. Drop us a line and we'll arrange a chat. There's no hard sales pitch, and hopefully we will both learn something!

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