Aligning your teams for success

It goes without saying that business leaders must build strategy, but most struggle to get their teams delivering on it. We’ve learned from the world’s best product companies how to turn strategy into practical action.

The science bit

Strategy, schmategy.

So you’ve created a company strategy, and have shared it with your teams. But do they get it? Do they know what’s needed to actually deliver? The most beautiful and inspiring strategy deck is useless if it can’t be turned into action.


Announcing a high-level company strategy is pointless if your delivery teams can’t use it to make day-to-day decisions. We will help you translate strategy into action.


As Michael Porter put it: “The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” Our decision-making tools will help you work out which good ideas to do, and eliminate all the arguing.


Creating and delivering value to your customers and business requires innovation, motivation and collaboration. We’re experts at helping organizations build their productivity flywheel.

How we deliver to you

Our services are designed as discrete interventions, with clear aims, approach and timescale.

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Make it real

Bring your company strategy to life with our framework for goal-setting and performance measurement

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Hold their hand

Coach your teams on how to use, maintain and continuously improve your system

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Let them fly

Help your organization to build a culture of collaborative accountability for customer value

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Rocket boosters

Accelerate delivery by augmenting your design and engineering teams

Our services
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There's no silver bullet, but there are hacks.

We recognise many of the issues you face, and we bring you solutions from hundreds of other companies that learned the hard way.

We also know that every organisation is made up of unique people, facing unique challenges. We don't take a one-size-fits-all, dogmatic approach, but find out what works for you.

What our customers have to say:

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Samepage is that rare thing - someone that can blend business & technology perfectly and can cut through the noise. They're super passionate about both subjects and it’s evident in the fact that they give 100% to everything they do.


Sarat Pediredla, CEO & Co-founder, hedgehog lab

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As European leaders in product management training and consultancy we’ve worked with numerous consultants over the past 15 years. Samepage has some of the most able and experienced consultants we have ever worked with. I’d have no hesitation in recommending them for any consulting that requires deep thinking, practical recommendations and excellent communications skills.


Ian Lunn, Founding Director, Product Focus

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We love hearing about the varying experiences of businesses in different industries, at different stages of growth. Drop us a line and we'll arrange a chat. There's no hard sales pitch, and hopefully we will both learn something!

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