Samepage Action Framework

The Samepage Action Framework helps product companies to achieve strategic alignment. It uses the Samepage Four Motives matrix to assess the extent to which your business is dominated by sales, engineering, marketing or operations. It then recommends proven tools and techniques to achieve balance and optimal performance.

We're too focused on...

Businesses comprise groups of people with different perspectives and motives. These can conflict, and too much influence in one direction will cause problems for your business.These are each admirable motives with positive intent. However if there's an imbalance then your business can't achieve its potential.

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Marketing-led companies become famous, but take care that the reality matches the hype!

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Sales-led companies focus on winning customers, but for you should sell only what can be delivered and what brings longer-term value.

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Operations-led companies can be super efficient, but you risk being out-competed by more adventurous competitors.

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Engineering-led companies often build amazing technology, but too much polishing and you could miss the boat.

The Samepage Four Motives matrix
Understand where your company lies

The Samepage Four Motives Analysis:

‣ Identifies your company's primary motive: Winning (sales-led), Fame (marketing-led), Innovation (engineering-led), Efficiency (operations-led)

‣ Highlights the problems associated with over-dominance by any of these motives

‣ Shows where action is needed.

The action areas

We have built the Samepage Action Framework to help product companies to achieve optimal performance through alignment and balance. We use proven tools and techniques to ensure that your have the right level of energy and investment in each area. Only by getting your teams onto the Samepage can you achieve your true potential.

Find your power

Find your power

Leverage the creativity and ingenuity of your engineers, designers and creatives. Stimulate innovation to create strategic advantage.

Home your proposition

Hone your proposition

Identify what is your core capability, what you do best and that your market most needs. Concentrate your investment on what makes the most impact.

Find your "Wow!"

Find your "Wow!"

It's great that you can deliver reliably and efficiently, but you also need to differentiate. Find out what can set you apart in the market.

Discover your fans

Discover your fans

Using forensic techniques we will find out who is using your products, and why they choose them. You might be surprised!

Take the test

The Samepage Four Motives takes around 15 minutes to complete, and can help you learn where you need to focus your business optimisation energy.


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